LEAP TUTORING ACADEMY + Homeschool Connections

About Our Early Childhood Groups

Learning is a multisensory experience.

Our senses work together in a complex way that helps us to grow and learn. As we are experiencing a new world of online learning, we have to adapt but still find a way to integrate learning with play. This year, groups will be age specific to pre-academic activities. This includes learning pre-reading, math, science and social studies skills through music, art, dance, cooking and a STEAM program. Outside play dates will also be coordinated to help encourage socialization through play and shared experiences. Groups will be divided into a 3-year and 4-years, as to address appropriate age developmental skills.

Program Highlights

Our Program Fosters Academic / Social Development by:

• Enhancing curiosity, independence and creativity through shared experiences.

• Providing social experiences where children learn to express themselves.

• Encouraging children to be inquisitive thinkers and problem solvers.

• Providing a foundation for literacy through imagination and storytelling.