LEAP TUTORING ACADEMY + One-On-One Multisensory Orton-Gillingham

We are the solution for students struggling with reading, spelling, and comprehension.

Leap is a Tutoring Academy dedicated to children who are divergent thinkers. We specialize in working with children who have dyslexia as well as other learning disabilities. We have been most successful at being able to weave multisensory learning instruction into all aspects of learning. We find that ALL students benefit from a program of instruction that is appropriately aligned to their learning needs. Research has proven that our brains make the strongest neural connections through visual, auditory and tactile processing. Our students are smart, creative, “out of the box” thinkers who are highly successful with us.

About the Director

Maria Casale, a dedicated educator, previously directed interventions for the NYC Department of Education. Starting as a Reading Specialist, she evolved into a professor for over a decade, emphasizing hands-on reading methods. Maria founded learning centers specifically for Dyslexia and Language-Based Processing Disorders. As a Certified Dyslexia Therapist, Maria leads instruction and mentors Orton-Gillingham practitioners.

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Our Instructors

All Leap Tutoring Academy instructors are trained and certified teachers. They are trained in multi-sensory integration techniques in all subject areas. Reading and literacy instruction is provided following the Orton-Gillingham methodologies.

First Steps

A series of diagnostic evaluations (for ages 4 through 16) are given to determine current cognitive functioning in reading and mathematics. An examination of processing strengths and weakness is analyzed in order to determine your child’s potential. This is done in our warm and friendly environment. We begin by assessing your child’s individual needs and provide recommendations for academic intervention.

Our Tutoring Sessions

• We offer tutoring sessions 7 days a week
• We provide our multi-sensory tutoring on a 1:1 student to instructor ratio
• We are goal-oriented and teach to learning potential and processing strengths
• We employ techniques to improve short and long term memory skills
• We utilize our custom-tailored program to strengthen visual and auditory processing abilities
• We improve logic and reasoning abilities, in all areas of cognitive development
• We improve studying and organizational skills.

Why it works?

Our tutors are highly trained practitioners

who are skilled in working with kids who are dyslexic as well as kids who have language based processing delays. Our unique and innovative teaching approaches, recognizes and cares for each child so they can see themselves as highly accomplished learners. At Leap Tutoring Academy, we teach to our student’s strengthens while supporting their learning differences. We pride ourselves on nourishing the minds of our students as we lead them on their academic journey towards success. Our students blossom into confident, skilled and independently minded individuals.

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